Aug 1, 2011

50th Post!

This is it. 50 posts have already made it to Digital Craving and it seems not too long ago I was only making the first post. Anyways, Penguin PrisonKnight OneCoupons, and Cavaliersoffun are supplying today's daily dose of tracks - great way to start out the month. I'm not too sure if I can even pick a favorite track from this post from the classy saxophone in Silver Shades Of Light and the space synths in Midnight Resistance , you'll just need to hear them all to know what I'm saying. Enjoy!

Resurrection (Penguin Prison Remix) by Penguin Prison

Silver Shades Of Light by Knight One

Lazydisco - More Tigers (Coupons Remix) by Coupons

Midnight Resistance by Cavaliersoffun

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