Nov 30, 2010

Michael Jackson Grab Bag!

While browsing though SoundCloud's lovely songs, I blundered upon a remix of Michael's "Remember the Time". After listening thoroughly, I realized how great Mr. Jackson was in his prime, so I set forth to more MJ remixes. In this adventure, I found two others, with the second one on today's list not even available to download, shame :(. Enjoy this three song-trio!

 Remember The Time (Sleeper Remix)

 Dirty Diana (Radman Intro Remix)

Nov 22, 2010


Italian producer, Mr. William Bottin, has just recently popped up into my musical horizon and I tell you, this man has style! He is perfect for providing very smooth 70s vibes and a unique disco sound that can't be heard elsewhere. I've got 3 tracks today, all provided for free and a great addition to anyone's music library!

Nov 18, 2010


Canadian dance group DVAS has developed such a great sound lately with their most recent album Society. Back from when I first found out about them to now, their songs have always had such a great feel to them. Their funky synth and their Chromeo-like vocals - they really don't ever disappoint. Here is one of my favorites off their newest album - Questions.

Russ Chimes Expressway Mix Pt. 2!

This blog feels very, very empty. Sooo I'm going to probably be posting pretty often for the time being and what not a better way then to make my second post by Russ Chimes. Since he is such a revolution - he's offering it to you ... FREE! You'll need to hear it for yourself though, the tracklist is available on his soundcloud, so pleease support him and go check it out.

Nov 16, 2010


VICTORY!!! I successfully just created what will soon to be an expanding music blog with, in my opinion, some of the greatest music of all time. With this, I will be updating you my adventures throughout the lovely world of electro and sharing the tunes with all of you viewers.

First off will be one of my most recent favorites. This tracks holds a dreamy synth-line filled with the atmosphere of bass.

Everything about this second track is great from the satisfying heavy bass to the smooth vocals. British duo Everything But the Girl has a lot to offer alongside with Coven. Hope you enjoy this track.