Jul 20, 2011


For those unaware, Madeon is 17 years old and is already making music beyond 90% of the stuff out there. Anyways, Hey Champ has gotta be one of my new favorite artists. They really nail that indie-synthpop feeling with the super high quality 'Anything At All' (I can't believe I now just got around to them) and can do a near-perfection cool cat rap. Besides the few tracks from them is a new one from Edwin van Cleef. Take a listen and more than likely you'll be getting all 5 tracks in this post.

Anything at All by Hey Champ

(We Are) Champions by Hey Champ

Only Children - Don't Stop (Hey Champ Remix) by Hey Champ

Edwin Van Cleef - Don't Stop by Edwin van Cleef

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  1. champions by hey champ ... A+ great post