Jan 29, 2011

New change soon! Progressive house, meanwhile

I haven't been on the top lately, falling behind a bit when my computer went out for a week or so. But I'm coming back to you with 2 tracks - both good of course, and "Miami-themed". But like I was talking about in the title, I'm going to plan on redoing this entire site's looks, make it something more..clean and simple. But meanwhile enjoy these two trance-styled tracks.

Jan 9, 2011

Basssss :D

So if you haven't heard the original Luvstep, I HIGHLY inform you do so - it's free, it's dub, it's amazing. Extremely stoked for the second coming, as you can see. But to accompany this post I've got the song in this teaser posted first, very epic must I add. Oh, and since I've got a craving for female vocals and dubstep, I've got another for ya right below that ;D