Jun 24, 2011

Ultimate Craving

Slackin' this month but trust me, this stuff is pure golden and makes up for the time lost. Amazing synthlines, fantastic vocals, and pfft what am I kidding - just listen and love!

Madonna - Music (Monsieur Adi Remix) [Dub Version] by Monsieur Adi [alt. download]

Cordova - Paradigm by U-Tern

Short Circuit - How We Speak (Sam Padrul Remix) by Binary Entertainment

Jun 18, 2011

We Meet Again, DnB.

It's been quite some time since I've done a DnB post and seems much needed. One of a returning artists posted here before, Indivision as well as a duo between Seismix and Cahb. Two quality tracks that give that spacious feeling when listening along with some female vocals. Well, enjoy! 

On and On by Indivision

Seismix & Cahb - So Blue by Cahb

Jun 10, 2011

Electronic Love

Doesn't get much better than this, electronic all the way! SIX outstanding tracks today, and all of them are  subgenres within electronic; from dancefloor hits to sunset drives along the coast. Much diversity in this one - AnoraakPlastic PlatesRide The UniverseXumanXinobi, and Gabriell! Whew that's a mouthful. Listen, dance, download, and of course - enjoy.

TEAM GHOST - A glorious time (Anoraak remix) by Anoraak

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates Remix) by PLASTiC PLATES [alt. download]

Chromeo - Hot Mess (Ride The Universe Remix) by Ride The Universe

Panic (original mix) by Xuman

Kris Menace vs Emil - Walking On The Moon (Xinobi Remix) by XINOBI

Last but not least, Skrillex actually sounding good? WHAT?!

Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Gabriell Remix) by Gabriell [alt. download]

Jun 5, 2011

Adventure! 15-track CD

Here you have it, Digital Craving's second CD release after the first of Digitize. Perfect way to start this summer! Lot of new tracks, lot of old ones. A variety of genres from dubstep to 80s disco, this second coming will be sure to catch your attention. View the tracklist, download, listen, enjoy.