Mar 30, 2012

Magic Tape 21 - The Magician

Last post for today I swear ;). The Magician's new mixtape was released a couple of days ago and is worthy of yet again another post. Nu disco awesomeness blended in with some great tropical. Dance away!

What's Up?!

Basically a mash-up of all the funky beats and synth solos you may have been missing out on. Enjoy!

Bass Kick

I can't get enough of it. Bass rules the taste-buds in my ears, I swear. It adds so much depth into a song and I crave it so that is what I prepare today. First one is some intense DnB, followed by some chill wobbles and then a crazy dub experience full of heavy drops and high falsettos. Also, I threw in a bonus from Kill Paris, an epic take on an RnB track. Pleasure for your ears. Sharing is caring.

Mar 19, 2012

Enis: Our Father's Legacy (Episode VI)

Another great nu disco mix from Enis, done live! Enjoy.


God some real good bass on tap today. Have been craving some myself, first two are some amazing DnB, whereas the others are 'lovestep' - hope you enjoy.

Download HERE

Download HERE

Mar 16, 2012

Pwn Zwn

Just catching up on some catchy tracks I've been meaning to post for quite some time now. Enjoy

Mar 4, 2012

Don't walk away, should've known better ;)

Movin' back to the classics. Great sounds. FM Attack delivers some great throwback synthpop and Kido Yoji finally put up an old track of his for download.

Mar 2, 2012

Camaro Kids EP

Some guitar-jammin' nu disco EP from Camaro Kids. Like some mad 80's love but with a hint of new age. All free thanks to Champagne Records, enjoy.

Dowload full EP