Feb 25, 2011

New DnB artist! - nCamargo

My drum and bass addiction continues.. and today I've got some tracks by nCamargo. I discovered this 16 year-old drum and bass whiz while browsing through soundcloud's amazing selection. He's 16 right now so I can't even imagine how amazing his sound will get over the years. Be sure to check out his soundcloud, after you check out these two tracks, enjoy.

Lightyear - Interstellar (nCamargo Remix) [alt. download]

nCamargo - All Night Long [alt. download]

Feb 18, 2011

Tranquility (w/ Metrik)

Friday is here. The weather is great for a change and I've gone some soothing drum and bass for everyone :)! Haven't really felt like giving too much of a description for the tracks I've posted lately, but give it a listen, if you like them be sure to download them! Also, speaking of bass, if you haven't heard Luvstep 2 yet, be sure to check that out. First one was better in my opinion but still a solid mixtape. Enjoy your weekend!

Ocean Drive by Metrik

Indivision & N4m3 - Other Clouds (ft. Tiiu)

Feb 8, 2011

Hello again, Diamond Cut!

Ugggh. Sooooo. GOOOD. This fresh track released by an artist I've been watching for over a year now is just incredible. They hadn't released anything in a while and I was so happy to hear this new one. Accompanied with this song is another one of their newer tracks. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed so check out their soundcloud for some more tracks and have an incredible day!

Crazy Enough (Diamond Cut Remix) [alt. download]

Hello Hello (Diamond Cut Remix) [alt. download]

Feb 5, 2011

Dublin Aunts!

So after having three tracks by Dublin Aunts, I decided to look more into their music and I was very pleased with what I heard! They sound is incredibly fresh and totally funky, their parents must be so proud. I only have two tracks from them but please give them some support and check out their soundcloud for many more, all of which are downloadable. Enjoy cravers!

Operator Please - Volcanic (Dublin Aunts Remix) [alt. download]

Dirty Laundry - Mexico (Dublin Aunts Remix) [alt. download]

Feb 2, 2011

Celebrate w/ DnB

In celebratory of the upgraded site and all, I felt the need to update with some new tracks since I haven't been tip top lately. I've basically come to the realization that drum and bass is one of most satisfying bass-filled genres. Matter of fact, I feel as if the ratio of good DnB songs is much greater than good dubstep songs, easily. Two tracks, as usual today. Both incredible. First is more down-tempo where the second is more upbeat  filled with vocal chopping. Take a listen. ;)