Jun 5, 2011

Adventure! 15-track CD

Here you have it, Digital Craving's second CD release after the first of Digitize. Perfect way to start this summer! Lot of new tracks, lot of old ones. A variety of genres from dubstep to 80s disco, this second coming will be sure to catch your attention. View the tracklist, download, listen, enjoy.


1. Go Fast (KN1GHT Remix) // Pornopink
2. City Meets Soldier (Clancy Remix) // Beaumont
3. Cloud (Plastic Plates Remix) // Sia
4. Another Day // Chris Malinchak
5. Love Will Guide You (Gemini Club Remix) // Shinichi Osawa
6. Paradise (DCUP Remix) // Sam La More
7. Predict The Day (Grey Ghost Remix) // Ladytron
8. Sunshine (Eumig & Chinon Remix) // Ginger Ninja
9. Come Said The Boy (Dublin Aunts Deflowering Edit) // Mondo Rock
10. Nightflies // Final DJs
11. Dusty Blinds // Kaleb
12. Dubvine  // Ashes
13. Raise Your Weapon (Switch Fusion Remix) // Deadmau5
14. In This Whole World // Gramatik
15. Back 2 You // Jason Burns

Download: ADVENTURE (.zip)

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