Dec 18, 2011

Nocturnal Exclusive!

Prepare yourself for my favorite Digital Craving exclusive. It's a ride through all the genres from funk to dubstep, all within a little under 80 minutes. I went and genre-branded all the tracks in a more specific type of manner so you can get the feel for it even before listening. Anyways a lot of time and effort went into this so please enjoy it at its' fullest!

1.Vontel - 4 My Homiez (Dominic Pierce Mix) [R&B Funk]
2. Louis La Roche – F.U.B.A.R [Funk / House]
3. Fred Falke – Aurora [House]
4. Oxford – Tanto [French House]
5. The Wombats – 1996 (Lenno Remix) [Synthpop / House]
6. Popular Computer - Lointain (Muffin Remix) [Synth Pop]
7. SoHight - Boys (Moustache Machine Remix) [Nu Disco / Synthpop]
8. Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix) [Tropical Nu Disco]
9. Oliver – Footsteps [Disco Funk]
10. Fifteenth - Tomorrow (BoogiePop Phantomz Remix) [Disco]
11. GRVBBRS – Close to You [Disco]
12. Pase Rock - Nights (Shazam Remix) [Disco Funk]
13. Phantogram – Don't Move [Trip Hop]
14. DigitalPieces – Horizons [Rock DnB]
15. Phaeleh - Breathe in Air (feat. Soundmouse) [Liquid Dubstep]
16. Wiz Khalifa – The Race (Draper Remix) [Liquid DnB]

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