Oct 10, 2011

Grand Slam

I was beyond excited to share these tracks today with everyone. NINE massive tracks today that will keep you listening for a while. Just to name a few genres: disco, electronic, funk, and what SmarterChild claims to be "spacestep", which is truly is out of this world. Enjoy cravers!

Kopps - LA Lights (SmarterChild Remix) by SmarterChild

Digitalfoxglove - Alone together, alone forever by digitalfoxglove [alt. download]

Clubfeet - Last Words (The C90s Remix) by TheC90s

Zoot Woman - Jessie (Casual Encounters Rework) [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Casual Encounters

Breakbot - Shades of Black (Casual Encounters Shady Edit) [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Casual Encounters

All The Lights - Chasing Colours (Dublin Aunts Remix) by Dublin Aunts

Vanguard - LeJeune by Shiny Disco Club

LE YOUTH - Dreamin' by LE YOUTH

I Luv U Moar by KREAP [alt. download]

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