May 27, 2011

Mass Posting!

AHHHH!! Time for celebration for what should be a great summer. This was needed considering I've been slacking compared to last month. Today we have EIGHT TRACKS. That's crazy and way more than usual! Anyways, many different styles and genres today from House to Synthpop, all of them free downloads and incredible. Ponder across this plethora of tracks, download what you will and hey maybe leave a comment?! HUH , alright have a great weekend and look forward to another CD sometime soon. 

I Don't Mind by expomusic

Eskimo Boy (Vanguard Remix) by VANGUARD

Lights (Geisha Twins Remix) by Geisha Twins [alt. download]

Last Sunset by MERIDIAN [alt. download]

I Like What You're Doing (Isaac Tichauer Remix) by cassian

Swoon (Mjolnir Bootleg Remix) by soundofmjolnir [alt. download]

Love Voyage by Alexandre Louvré [alt. download]


  1. hey i like your music, i'm gonna add you to my blogroll and recommend you from time to time when i grab a song from you. keep up the good work...