Mar 19, 2011

Mixtape for the weekend

So what not better way to enjoy your weekend with a mixtape? I've had this one in my playlist for quite some time and I'm now just getting around to posting it. Anyways, over an hour long with a pretty solid tracklist full of disco by Australian DJ Cosmo Cater. He's got some variety in his mixtapes so don't mind stopping by his soundcloud to check them out. One thing I absolutely love in it is how he blends two remixes of the same song in the beginning of it so be sure to listen for it. Enjoy!

Bootique by Cosmo Cater


  1. Thank you so much for the feature!

    I'm really glad you like the first blend between two versions of Inner Life, it's meant to be a "sun slowly setting over the ocean" kinda moment.

    Much respect, CC :)

  2. It was truly an ingenious blend! It really set that type of mood, you nailed it right on the spot! Keep pumping out those great mixtapes and there is a possibility another one will show up on here. :D