Dec 8, 2010


As the year comes to an end, we must recap all the greatness that this year has supplied us with electro. So in celebration, I have devised a well-thought out list of my favorite top 10 albums in descending order that have been released this year. Alongside with the album will be a taste of what it holds by featuring a song for listening.

The Outrunners - Running for Love & Money

Soo this album lands on number 10 on this list for one main reason. It is only an EP! If this album had more songs and added vocals to a couple of the songs, it would easily make the top 3. The dreamy synths literally make this album out to be as great as it is.

The Outrunners - Elite

Miami Horror - Illumination

Miami Horror’s first album release was a pretty big success in my opinion. Actually, one of the songs that got me into electro was their remix of “Music Sounds Better” over 3 years ago. From the start of the album, you’re overloaded with catchy tunes and a disco feel that you’ve got to love.

Miami Horror - Holidays

Bag Raiders - Bag Raiders

This CD is full of surprises. From their sampled sounds to the Arabic noises, Bag Raiders will get your attention. I listened to this CD for about 3 weeks straight and that's why I believe this album deserved number 8 on the list.

Bag Raiders - Golden Wings

Kaskade - Dynasty

Kaskade's Dynasty is full atmospheric female vocals and full-range bass. This album is amazing for going back to every month or so. Oh, and I love how Kaskade has all the ladies do his vocals, total pwner ;).

Kaskade - To the Skies (ft. Polina Goudieva)

DVAS - Society

DVAS is a three-piece band full of ballas who know how to play some pretty sick tunes. With their pure instrumentals and vocal tracks, they change it up while still sticking to their roots. Nonetheless, this album is golden.

DVAS - Giving it All Away

Ellie Goulding - Lights

Ahh, one of my biggest guilty pleasures - yet so irresistable. Her vocals are enticing as well as the instrumental aspect of her music. Every track on this CD is just fantastic, not to mention how catchy her tunes are ;D!

Ellie Goulding - Salt Skin

Anoraak - Wherever the Sun Sets

I just HAD to include this one on here! Mr. Anoraak is such a talented man, producing all of his music by himself - such a gentleman. His album depicts such a perfect style for his music - driving along the coastline, with a cool breeze as the summer day takes its' final stand.

Anoraak - Midnight Sunset

Chromeo - Business Casual

Chromeo is THE definition of smooth and are ladies men for sure. From the release of their Fancy Footwork album, I had been waiting for this album for over 2 years and it is defiantly satisfying to my ears. I don't believe that it will disappoint and has a total dance factor to it. Sorry about no track here :/

Michael Cassette - Temporarity

Michael Cassette. I honestly never knew that he had so much potential! He just popped into my radar, got his album and it is superb! The long tracks are so needed and words seriously cannot describe his greatness. This track was also removed, sorry :/

Tesla Boy - Modern Thrills

Russian trio Tesla Boy lands amazing airy synths and unique vocals that will lead you through their album. This will get you hooked right away as for it did for myself, easily putting itself in the best album of the year.

OH AND FUNNY STORY - I had this list complete with Fear of Tigers in the number 1 spot until I found out the album was actually released December 1st, 2009! :(

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